The Standard of Flexibility Foundation is led by Chairperson, Dr. Donna Copertino. She has had several contributors to the development of this organization and continues to search for more. She shares the concern with many others that our kids are getting injured and living with pain that can be and should be treated and prevented without drug and/or surgery. We believe in prevention and we believe in getting to the source of the injury.

Dr. Donna Copertino is the Director of an Athletic Performance training center and has experienced many teenage athletes with injuries that could have been prevented through flexibility training. When we are young and flexible as a toddler we can squat perfectly, lift and reach overhead with the most efficiency. As we grow and develop more routine patterns in our day our joints and muscles begin to stiffen. If no one is there to teach us how to maintain what we had as a toddler before school sitting and sports then how are we to prevent such tightening?

Our bodies are resilient to a point. Our bones continue to grow until about the age of 15-16. At this sensitive age if we have involved ourselves in a sport and our bodies have been trained to perform such powerful tasks as running, jumping, kicking, throwing and swinging to name a few our muscles and tendons that connect to those bones are under greater tension. When the bone’s growth plates are open there is still a bit of ‘give’ to the movement around it. Tendons will pull on the bone for us to move and if there is still growth taking place within that bone then we have a little bit of spring or cushion. But when the bones fuse together and are solid and strong these tendons are not used to the resistance. They are looking for the ‘give’. We keep performing our powerful repetitive movements and these tendons keep pulling and pulling on the bone until something else gives. The path of least resistance will likely be the newly formed bone which leads to our all too familiar stress fractures in our teens!

Dr. Donna’s 20 + years of experience in human movement and performance study and clinical practice has shown her that there are specific ways the body moves in a chain link or domino effect way thus leading to compensations when one area is faulty. It is the identification of these faulty areas that when mobilized can correct the overall pattern. For example: If we sprain our ankle badly enough that there was swelling and/or bruising and we let it rest in a brace for weeks and weeks that ankle will stiffen. The joint becomes tight and the muscles respond similarly. Now that ankle is limited in its movement likely with turning and pivoting or even going down the stairs. How will the knee respond to this ankle loss?? The Hip? And all the way up the spine? Although the ankle healed up well and feels alright you may one day experience lower back pain because the hip followed suit to the ankle and tightened up so now the back is working harder!

There is no way we can all understand the complexity of the human body and how it moves but what we can do is learn to keep moving the way we did when we were toddlers. It’s never too late to begin stretching and moving in ways to return our fundamental ability to squat or get up from the floor or a chair and lift something over our heads.

It is our hope that you utilize this website and find a stretching routine that works for you. As always before beginning ANY exercise program you should consult with your physician/osteopath or therapist. We appreciate your feedback and strive to provide the most effective means of gaining our flexibility and will update the site often.

Best of luck as you Get Moving!


Dr. Donna Copertino
Chairperson and Founder
Standard Flexibility Foundation